Welcome to Msekeni Inc.®, your premier and eminent source for Innovative Economy solutions in Investment promotion, Technology transfer, Projects operations, Procurement and Delivery, Science, Research and Development (R&D). We're dedicated to giving you the very best of Enterprise and Business driven solutions backed by science and Data, with a strong focus on three characteristics, dependability, customer service and innovative signature uniqueness.

Msekeni Inc.® is hybrid offspring of the parent company MO MSEKENI CO. and emerging technologies as well as state of economic and business climate timed changes. The parent company dates back in 2001 when was been registered in Tanzania then in 2018 taken global footprints into drafted an incorporation in the United States as a global enterprise. Global outreach is characterized by global value chains whereby nowdays production of most of the goods takes place across multiple countries and cross border regions.The same momentum is taken by most of modern global corporations the way are multinational operating, in ownership of patenting, intellectual property, branding, markets, business style and Technology transfers.

Founded in 2001 by founder Mohamed O. Msekeni, original parent company MO MSEKENI CO. has come a long way from its beginnings in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, origin home then embarked on global footprints into the United States. When Msekeni first started out, passion as founder, helping other co-members and associated stakeholders to be more entrepreneurial-driven. Providing the best solutions for most pressing global challenges in businesses, industries, societies and governments delivery driving results through innovative approach, research, science and Data driven. Giving the impetus to turn evidence based work and inspiration into to accurate and sustainable solutions. We now serve customers in Tanzania, the US as well as all over the world and are thrilled to be part of the results driven solutions of our delivery.